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Natale Rudland Wood
Natale Rudland Wood

Natale began her journey with healing growing up in an alternative background in Shoreham in the UK, surrounded by nature, houseboats and a group of elderly spiritualist. In 1985, when she moved to Australia after a difficult time of adjustment, she started working as a mechanic by day and in kitchen at night. She made the adventurous move to live as an Opal miner in Coober Pedy, where she lived with a Greek family who taught her how to live life more fully in a diverse community of indigenous, European and Asian cultures in a colourful yet extreme landscape. There were many stories and histories in that small town, Natale learned a lot about people through the witnessing of their lives, in their suffering, in their wins and their deaths.

Natale had the rare privilege to witness the histories and the hardships that can bring people together at their most vulnerable and in life’s extremes. This had Natale thinking that healing was something that was valuable and essential for all people and essential as a nation if we were all to move forward. So quite the change was coming. As Natale leaned into the intersection between the spiritual and psychological world, she discovered that there were many effective ways to access our inner selves and the next 20 years of her life would see her explore as many of these as she could before honing the methods she found to work best.

Natale’s approach to healing with those who work with her is warm, inviting, non-judgmental, always open and exploratory. No two people are the same in their healing journey and everyone is treated with respect and reverence. Natale is a ‘salt of the earth’ type, someone whose caring manner and thoughtful consideration is a breath of air for those who feel like they’re struggling to find something in their lives or discover something about themselves.

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