Card Of The Week

VII Of Pentacles

The Message

In Tarot, the sevens are about keeping going and not giving up because things are about to get better.

The astrological sign of Taurus, the Planet Saturn and the Element is Earth, representing material things, like money, status, relationships, and attachments. That means she is going to make you work and work hard. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Our hero in the card wears a courageous orange mini dress teamed with a sweet blue bodysuit. It tells us that their feelings are close to their skin, and they need to persevere bravely with them. They lean in on their home, thinking about their next move. Knee-deep in grapevines, wondering how to make things more manageable and if anything will ever grow. It will, but it is going to take time and work. 

The message is that it is a time to reflect on the hard work you have done. It might be your job, study, a relationship, writing a book or growing a crop or strategies to stay sane in an unpredictable apocalyptic environment. You have put a lot of time, care, attention and hard work into achieving your goal. Well done, it has been a significant investment, and although you are feeling a bit over it, it will pay off. So hold on, you are nearly there. 

Ask yourself what you need to help you persevere so you can reap your rewards? Especially if you have had to live on less for a while.

You might need to give yourself some back-patting encouragement. Take a moment to rest and regroup with something lovely or some self-kindness so that you have the energy and enthusiasm to go the distance. 

If you don’t take the time to be kind and recoup, you might burn out, lose your shit or make an impulsive, reckless decision based on desperation and lose all that you have worked for, which is something you’ll regret later.

If this doesn’t fit

If this doesn’t fit you, you might be feeling the burden of a former success on your shoulders and worried about where to go next. You might feel anxious about what the next step in your life should be—wondering if you need to reprioritise what you want from life. Connect with what is important to you and what you love doing. Maybe you need to get back on the tools and the work that inspired you, or you might decide to change direction. That is more about work, but it could be a relationship too.