Card of the week

The Moon XVIII 

The Moon is enumerated eighteen. In Hebrew, it is considered a lucky number relating to the gift of life, moving humanity towards a goal that here alongside the Moon means collective fears, phobias, worry, and illusion. 

All stuff that we have to face if we are going to face if we move forward. The guiding grace of the Moon is its influence on our intuition, dreams, and the unconscious.

The Moon cards guardians, a dog and a wolf standing on the lush earth, howling at the Moon. They represent both the tame known aspects and the wild unknown aspects of our minds. 

Wolves are our wild adaptable sides. Wolves can connect and build strong emotional attachments, trust their instincts, and act on them.

Dogs are our best friends due to their faithful love and loyalty despite our shortcomings. They see the value of our hearts.

The guarded messages from our emotions come from a lobster from the deep asking to be noticed to move forward.

The message of the Moon card is to overcome any fears and worries through awareness of them. It highlights the journey you must go on to achieve your goals and the fears you must face by shining a light on your past experiences and what sits in the shadows, unprocessed and resolved. It is time to get clear and recalibrate the illusions that fears can create when left unattended.  

Remember, all dogs are good until made to be otherwise, then fear and defensiveness can take over. We are not so different.

The moon card tells you to muster your courage and go forward that distraction, defensiveness, and reluctance are merely guarding your fears. It is time to go there again, either to go a little deeper and master it or to let go of them for good. We need to do that for ourselves, our packs and our community.