Returning Healing to the Realm of Folk Culture.

Folk psychology aims to highlight habits that are part of our everyday lives that influence our identity and bring us connection. It’s straightforward in that these are daily practices performed therapeutically. Frequently in sessions, people draw on the wisdom and strength of their grandmothers and the acts they attribute to them and healing. Some other examples are; cooking, music, dancing, sports, fasting, spring cleaning, rituals, traditions, talking circles, prayers, ayahuasca and tarot.

Local people continue to make and remake folk culture out of their own stories, struggles, and hopes in much of the world. Using the above practices can get you closer to spirit and to understanding your inner world better.

Micheal White suggested that the most significant aspect of Folk psychology is its focus on personal agency; It casts people as active mediators, negotiators, and as representatives of their own lives, doing so separately and in unison with others. It is a psychology that is about people living their lives out according to certain intentions and purposes, in the pursuit of what matters to them .

2004 P:67

In community programs: religious, social, cultural or wellness programs

Where does this therapy work:

Working with Young people, individually or in group

Group work with older people and memory related issues eg. Alzheimers