Recipe for Pushing the Swords Through

Recipe for Pushing the Swords Through

A Hygge style of accompaniment to the III of Swords


  • Turn my phone off and all devices
  • x Litres: Fluid up and coffee
  • 2-3 pages: Writing – mad venting
  • 5-20 minutes: Meditating – Reiki myself
  • A Day: Lock myself away – Make it cosy, light a candle, burs some oils, frankincense or palo Santo
  • 15 minutes +: Listen to music that stirs my soul, from making me want to dance or wail, whatever you are feeling
  • 45 minutes: Going for a walk in nature
  • Cook myself something delicious
  • Watch Drag race or any of the Trixie & Katya shows


Living in Scandinavia on my own really helped me to focus on my inner and outer health and make my environment cosy, like the Danish concept of Hygge: a wellbeing accompaniment. Additionally in that time I compiled all the knowledges that I learn’t over the years. A mixture of healing and therapy techniques, combined and influenced by the likes of Julia Cameron- artists way, Caroline Myss. Listening to Eckhart Tolle. And from years of Reiki practise and listening to myself. 

My god father Adrian would tell me that people avoid making decisions and taking responsibility. That sometimes you just have to be like a wombat and just keep going through things.


  1. I Turn off all devices and remove anything that will distract me.
  2. I make sure I have water and a coffee on hand
  3. Sit warm in bed and write 2-3 pages in my journal of mad expressive venting type of writing. I stop when I feel like I have got it all out.
  4. Once I feel like I have written my madness out, I sit calmly and Reiki myself  for about 5-20 minutes. It is like deep meditating, where I focus on my inner being, breath deeply into my abdomen and pay attention to thoughts, feelings or aches in my body. Then I draw on the reiki/healing energy and pay attention to what comes up. Then I let the feelings flow out without judging or analysing them, but sometimes I do, as I try and make sense of them.
  5. I go for a walk and pay attention to nature, which is usually the birds and trees. It keeps me present and aware of what is going on around me. It’s really grounding and brings me back to being.
  6. I try to stay away from people hermit style. At least for the a part or the whole day: I make it as cosy as possible, light a candle burn some oils, frankincense or palo Santo.  I try and make myself some delicious food, if I am not feeling great I keep it light.
  7. I listen to music that will lift my mood or that I can dance too. I listen to what ever I’m drawn to usually its filthy hip hop, funk, disco or dance divas.
  8. I usually sit and write or lie like a feats on the couch watching something that makes me feel heart felt or to laugh. I Watch Ru Paul’s Drag race or Trixie and Katya because it gives me all the feels, laugh and reminds me that we are all in this life together and that loads have people have had to overcome more than me and still manage to entertain others and do more.

To serve this delightful mix of expressing my feelings out. I would serve it like a cosy Danish Hygge accompaniment.