Hands on Healing



Healing differs from person to person, and it’s hard to know what will work best. I can help you unravel that mystery so you can heal yourself through the drawing of healing energy through hands-on healing and the guidance it offers.

Healing is available in person or through distance healing, which is helpful for people too unwell to be there in person or for people separated by distance. The healing process isn’t affected by distance, which makes reiki a very versatile therapy.

Hands-on healing is the process of accessing the energy within us and around us and using it by directing it to people, animals or plants for healing. Hands-on healing exists within most folk cultures and spiritual practices, including the state of prayer in the top five religions. Natale has been working with healing energies for 30 years.

Where Does This Therapy Work?

  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Grief, depression and anxiety
  • Children and young people – variety of illness, allergies and sleep problems
  • Physical disruptions in the home and clearings