Tarot for

Tarot is a form of counselling that is very much about and from within you. This form of therapy can very easily cut through your doubts, confusion and any defensiveness that’s preventing you from accessing your inner self. In its place, tarot will leave clarity of thought, direction and answer any questions you have, enabling you to better understand your challenges and help you approach them. Tarot is both backward and forward-looking, to help you in the present.

Tarot for conversation

Tarot opens us up to possibilities we wouldn’t necessarily see, but once the reading is happening, things suddenly make sense. Typically, nothing unearthed will come as a surprise to you because the cards draw from your intrinsic knowledge of yourself to answer your questions and provide guidance. Natale uses tarot as a time effective form of counselling that brings healing and resolve

Do it the way you want
Natale has been doing tarot readings since 2000
and can do it in person, online or over the phone.

Where does the therapy work?

  • This therapy brings clarity, self-knowledge and understanding, which brings healing. It can also bring about forgiveness for others and yourself
  • Tarot explains things in a way you can easily understand
  • You may think of it as counselling without having to explain anything first
  • You can ask the tarot for the answers to your questions or anything troubling you – it’s a good idea to come with some questions in mind
  • Tarot is self-directed: you control of the process but with spiritual guidance
  • Tarot gives you a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Enables you to let go of past traumas and embrace the present